im Alexa Shopping Centre 3. OG

Grunerstrasse 20, 10179 Berlin


Neue Öffnungszeiten

ab 1. Oktober 2019


Montag bis Freitag

12.00 Uhr - open end*


10.00 Uhr bis open end*


12.00 Uhr bis open end*

*Schließzeiten richten sich nach Auslastungen


Wir suchen, du findest.

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Our kids offers

Kids loves birthdays!

It would be nice if you would arrive with your kids 15min before the bowling start. Finding the right shoe sizes and "who's who with whom?" Lasting experience with Kids somewhat longer :) Our bowling lanes are equipped with bumpers. The bowling balls for kids start from 6 pounds = 2,72 Kg. From 7 kids we automatically book two bowling lanes.


Bringing and the consumption of own food and beverages is not allowed!

Table prepared for kids party

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Only by Reservation!

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